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Feast Your Eyes on the New Look at Villa Rica Arby’s

Meet the team at Villa Rica Arby’s (Photo by Trevor Picciano)

Arby’s restaurant located at 122 Highway 61 Connector, Villa Rica, Georgia, is proud to showcase its renovated dining room. The completed renovations are part of the company’s “New Image Look” that is being implemented in locations across the United States. 

The original and long-standing manager of the restaurant, Michael Hirsch says, “I’ve been a part of this location for twenty-four years, ever since its doors first opened. My team welcomes the whole community to come check out our new look.” 

Next week, the location will introduce a new flavor with the Bourbon Barbecue Brisket sandwich. For those who cannot wait, right now customers can purchase two Brisket Bacon Beef ‘N Cheddar sandwiches for six dollars.

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