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Councilmember Met Lane Will Not Seek Re-Election

Courtesy of Met Lane

Carrollton Councilmember Met Lane (Ward 4) announced today that he will not seek re-election to city council.

“It has been a great privilege to serve on Carrollton’s city council and serve the community that I love,” Lane said.  “The work I have been able to do as a councilmember has been both challenging and fulfilling.”

Lane ran unopposed for the Ward 4 council seat in November 2015. “My platform has always been simple – maintain our quality of life, beautify and revitalize our city corridors, and make city government more transparent,”  Lane said.  

He said that during his term on city council, the city completed numerous projects such as renovating the Lakeshore Recreation Center, completing the new police Public Safety and Evidence Building, constructing a new fire station, completing the Greenbelt and adding additional Greenbelt trails.  Further, the city implemented a bike share program permitting residents to rent bicycles from 11 locations throughout the city.  “The mayor and city council have been able to accomplish all this with maintaining the lowest property tax rate, water, sewer and sanitation rates in the area,” said Lane.  

He noted that fire department has a Class 1 rating by the Insurance Service Office which saves residents on their homeowners’ insurance costs and the Parks and Recreation department was the most-awarded department in the State in 2018 due to their programs and amenities. 

In 2016, Lane was instrumental in creating the Carrollton Corridor Development and Beautification Committee to develop a revitalization plan for the Bankhead Highway, Maple Street, Alabama Street, and Highway 27 corridors.  Initial emphasis was given to Bankhead Highway since it was identified with the greatest need.  “The improvements to Bankhead not only include reducing the traffic lanes from 5 to 3 but a grant program that assist property owners with redevelopment and beautification of their properties in an effort to foster economic development,” said Lane. 

Lane commented that he was glad he played a role in bringing transparency to the Council meetings by moving the meeting times from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., posting the city financial records including SPLOST expenditures on the city’s website, and publishing the agenda a week before Council meetings.

He said that none of the accomplishments that have occurred over the last 3 ½ years could have happened without the city manager Tim Grizzard, the department heads, and city employees.  “The city has over 300 employees.  They are incredible.  Any time a resident has an issue or a problem, they do all they can to help them.  It is an honor to work with them.”  

After law school Lane served as an assistant district attorney in the Coweta Judicial Circuit. He is a partner with the Carrollton law firm Shadrix, Lane & Parmer, P.C.  He is married with three young children.  “As a councilmember I’ve worked to make our city a little better,” Lane said. “I will continue to do all I can to improve Carrollton until my last day in office which will be December 31, 2019.”  

Lane said that he does not intend to withdraw from serving the public. “Being a former prosecutor and now a city councilmember, I have a passion to serve the public.  I intend to seek a position of public service in the near future.”