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The Push of a Pedal Brings Hope to Hogansville

Photo by Jonathan Dockery

An interesting turn of events led to the development and soon opening of the bicycle shop Pedal Forward in downtown Hogansville, Georgia. Owner Alex Abraham tells us, “The shop was actually inspired from a kid in the community who was using his feet to stop his bike. His brakes were not working.” Alex stopped and helped the child who had run into the back of his truck. 

Shortly thereafter Alex mentioned to his wife that a bike shop was desperately needed in the small town of Hogansville. Fast forward to June of this year, Alex was able to gain 501C-3 non-profit status to open the shop. He elaborates, “Pedal Forward will offer our own bike program for local youth starting on the second Tuesday of each month come this October.” 

Alex explained that the classes will teach those interested in how to maintain a bike. Also local bike shop employees and owners are expected to come from around the area to help teach classes. 

Alex says, “Our shop also has a retail side that specializes in vintage refurbished bikes, which  adds to those seeing our town as a destination. We will use this as a way to bring more people in.” Pedal Forward also sells bike gear and used bikes. 

The workshop is available for people to use on select days in the community. “Open access to tools and the bike mechanic on site are going to make a positive impact on those learning,” says Alex.
Pedal Forward is hosting an Earn a Bike Day October 1 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. To learn more about this exciting event please click here. For more information about Pedal Forward and to see their new store hours, visit their Facebook page by clicking here. Pedal Forward is located at 205 East Main Street, Hogansville, Georgia.