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One of Alabama’s Top Ten Bars Affected by Tragic Fire

Photo courtesy of Reaghan Faught

A restaurant that many folks across eastern Alabama visit caught fire earlier today. Moody Blue Bar was about to host their fifth anniversary celebration on August 16 in Moody, Alabama. It had recently been featured as one of the top ten bars in the state of Alabama, according to bestthingsinal.com

A Facebook post from general manager Val Bagley states, “ We are not completely sure what happened yet. But we are sad to say that it looks like our little place off the Parkway is gone. I appreciate all the calls and texts. Im so sorry that I can’t answer them all right now. I am on my way home and trying to keep it together. We’ve had 5 fantastic years of hard work and friendships, and I just really can’t put anything into words right now. We love you all dearly, thank you for your concern! We will try to keep you updated when we find out something. Thank you, Val”

The City Menus sends the community of Moody, Alabama, along with the Moody Blue Bar our sincere words of comfort. We hope that Moody Blue Bar will recover very soon from this terrible fire. Those wanting to send thoughts can do so at this link