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Downtown Carrollton Drainage Improvement Project Underway

City Hall Avenue (Photo by Jonathan Dockery)

Those navigating one of Carrollton’s downtown shortcut streets are running up against a closure. The City Hall Avenue and Tanner Street drainage improvement project is well underway and involves 575 linear feet of a new storm sewer system. 

Carrollton city engineer Tommy Holland sent a memo to The City Menus last week which states, “Construction includes site roadway demolition, installation, maintenance, erosion control using best practices management, minor grading, storm sewer system, modifying existing storm sewer system, roadway patching, curb and gutter patching, sidewalk patching, and grassing.” 

Tommy noted that the project would take approximately 50 days to complete and will help correct existing drainage and flooding issues within the area. City staff recommended that the Mayor and Council award the Tanner Street and City Hall Avenue Drainage Improvement project to Carl Owen Construction, Inc. in the amount of $185,875.00.