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Elle Salon Relocates and Radiates Passion for Adamson Square

April Terrell (center) surrounded by her team. Photo provided by Elle Salon

With a longing for a sense of family and community, April Terrell moved back to Carrollton, where she runs and owns Elle Salon on The Square, which is located at Adamson Square. April is married to a local business owner, Russell Terrell of Terrell Brothers Auto Repair. Both April and Russell have two children together, Halli Elle and Eli. As she left behind a corporate job, she found herself wanting to create an atmosphere where stylists are continually inspired. 

Recently, her trendy and personable salon made a move to the opposite side of Adamson Square. Now in Quad 3, the salon replaces Old Crow Trading Company, which exited a month ago to transition to an online-only retailer. With excitement about the new location, April shares, “The downtown vibe happening on this side of the square is wonderful. Our shop is much more visible from both sides of our open, airy windows. From the second I stepped foot through the door, it gave me that downtown feel.” 

The salon is a full service Aveda concept salon, and connecting with people is their main priority in the self-care pampering experience. April explains, “The love for each person that sits in my chair means more to me than anything, I love sharing that pampering time with them; it makes my client relax from all their daily stresses. It’s a crazy world, and most people don’t take the time especially for self care.” 

The mission statement of Elle Salon’s commitment to its clientele says it all: “To smile, to live, and to love what we do, and to share it with the people we cherish the most. To educate ourselves with passion, to embellish our friendships, elevate our personal and professional standards, and to humble ourselves to each person we are able to touch.” April adds, “Knowing that I’m being allowed to give my clients 10-15 minutes of relaxation blesses me each day. Embracing that relationship is powerful when you are able to connect to one in a million. We focus on the well being, taking time to create a personal style while still taking a timeout in this busy world. Whether it be a scalp or shoulder massage, we want you to take time for yourself!” 

April’s passion for the industry is constantly changing because there is always something new to embrace, especially for her stylists. She says, “I’ve been with Aveda 15 years. You never stop  learning, and I’m always empowered for the next big thing.” According to Aveda’s website, the company has a strong mission of loving on the earth with selling post-consumer, recyclable products. Being an Aveda concept salon, Elle Salon on the Square only carries Aveda products and is a direct-to-hair and only hair shop. April says, “Keeping it more focused on just hair allows us to be focused on what we are good at.” Pricing starts from $35 for women, $20 for men, and $17 for kids. Color additions start at $65. 

In closing April mentions, “I love how Carrollton is such an eclectic town, with the small town shops and people from everywhere. I know that at the end of the day this has nothing to do with me, but what God has planned. His blessings are plentiful, and the community itself is made of many thoughtful and giving individuals. We are ready to make its residents feel beautiful.”