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Liberty Eagle Academy to Host Liberty Ball November 15

Liberty Eagle Academy is a Modern Montessori that is accredited by Georgia Accreditation Commission with quality through 6th grade.  This allows their students to be GASSO scholarship recipients, a program funded by the state of Georgia with state income taxes. Individuals, couples and businesses can donate state income tax money to an accredited school of their choice and get 100% tax credit for that donation. 

“It’s empowering to be able to put your tax money where you want it to go. To not only keep the money in your local community but to give it to a student, is an amazing gift you can give. You’re able to see how this impacts the students that otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend and how happy they are learning and being challenged at their pace in different subjects.” 

We also do an annual Liberty Ball to raise scholarship money for those students not eligible for the GASSO scholarship (less than 4 years of age). The annual ball is held at the Venue on Cedar where Platinum Band will be performing live. There will be cuisine, open bar, and a silent auction with a variety of items/services including pottery and art, medical memberships, spa skincare, horse riding lessons, accounting and repair services, and more. 

To learn more about Liberty Eagle Academy and the GASSO scholarship, be sure to attend their free Mix & Mingle Event at the school (located on 800 Cedar Street) on November 12th at 5pm. The Liberty Ball is November 15th at 7pm located at Venue on Cedar. Tickets can be purchased at www.CarrolltonLibertyBall.com.