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Generous Scholarship Donation Built to Aid UWG Music Majors

L to R: Johnnie Huey; Katy Huey; Dr. Kevin Hibbard, chair of UWG’s Department of Music; Haley Jackson, director of development; Michael Huey; Edna Huey

Michael and Katy Huey have been making beautiful music together since they met. 

Recently, the duo discovered a way to help University of West Georgia students do the same by establishing the J. Michael and Katherine D. Huey Endowed Scholarship, which will help support future music majors.

“We want to help any student who has the drive, desire and ambition to study music but does not have the funds to pursue a musical education,” said Michael.

Michael began playing the trumpet in his high school band and now has a successful career as a drummer and music producer. He has earned 18 gold and platinum top 10 awards, completed world tours, and created soundtracks for television shows and movies including “Miami Vice” and “Back to the Future.”

Katy Huey has experience with the piano, guitar and classical violin. She has worked with many top recording artists and performed as a singer and folk dancer for the National Endowment for the Arts.

Together Michael and Katy created HueyTunes, a publishing, production, and licensing company. 

Because of their great success in the music industry, the Hueys hope to assist young musicians in receiving high quality music instruction. 

UWG’s College of Arts and Humanities and College of Education will be in charge of administering the scholarship to students majoring in music education, performance or composition. The recipient must also demonstrate financial need to be awarded this scholarship.

The Hueys believe their scholarship will allow students to gain knowledge and to practice in their chosen musical paths.

“Music can be lots of practice in a room alone, but when musicians play together they can create something greater than themselves,” said Katy. “We hope to encourage that creative energy that brings people together.”

Their inspiration comes from Michael’s parents, Johnnie and Edna Huey, who have established two separate scholarships at UWG. Seeing the ways that the scholarships helped students made Michael and Katy want to include a donation for music, something they have loved and enjoyed their whole lives.

The Hueys have a connection to UWG that goes back to the 1940s, when Edna was a student. Through the J. Michael and Katherine D. Huey Endowed Scholarship, the family will continue to be involved.

“We have seen the college grow from the few original front buildings into what it is today,” said Michael. “We are proud to contribute to its future. Our legacy will be the students who benefit from this scholarship and go on to inspire others with their success in music and in life.”