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Award-Winning, Board Certified Master Colorist Duo Opens Salon in Downtown Newnan

Russell and Millie Bagget (Photo by Jonathan Dockery)

Moving from the northern suburbs to the southern suburbs of Atlanta has allowed business owners to find the historic charm of Newnan, Georgia, that attracts those looking for a small- town feel with all the amenities. Russell and Millie Bagget both fell in love with Newnan as the perfect location for their new salon, James Malone Beauty, which opened October 17 at 14 Jefferson Street. Their salon is located across from Meat and Greet in downtown Newnan. 

Millie explains, “Both of us fell in love with the Square and its vibe, we loved the location and decided to sign a lease. At the same time we found a home in the LaGrange Street district.”

Oddly enough, twelve years ago on the same date of October 17, the couple opened RuMM Color Studio in Alpharetta, Georgia. Before the vision of a salon, Millie told us that it all started as just product being sold online through their e-commerce store. With over 20 years of experience and education, they are grateful to now have the second location in Newnan. Millie says, “Our new name is in honor of our driving force, our children.” The couple is ready for big things on the horizon at James Malone Beauty in Newnan. Russell elaborates, “This whole year has been transition and change for both of us. Millie and I both grew our career in the Alpharetta area so changing locations was scary.  We are thankful for how the community of Newnan has embraced us and the new salon as well.” Millie goes on to say, “Many of the other salon owners in the Newnan area have reached out to us and welcomed us; they make us feel at home.” 

In addition to the welcoming feel from the community, James Malone Beauty recently connected with Main Street Newnan and joined. Milie says, “We are so happy to be part of a really strong Main Street program such as the one here in Newnan. It really helps keep you connected to what is going on downtown. It allows us to contribute to the community in a positive way.” Many of the contributions James Malone Beauty makes go beyond the brick and mortar store. In 2019, a portion of the salons’ proceeds will be donated to Creedlove Fund of CURE Childhood Cancer, which was created in memory of one of their clients’ sons who passed away with childhood cancer. Millie says, “Our salon was created so that we could give back, all of our brands we select to carry in stores give back to organizations. This is one of our prerequisites before placing an order.” 

Both Millie and Russell are board certified master colorists, which means they specialize in color correction. The duo has received many awards, including one in Allure Magazine with another Best of Color in Atlanta. Millie asserts, “Anyone we hire is at a master stylist level. People who work here have been doing hair for years, and we are still building the team.” Currently James Malone Beauty has six stylists and an assistant. Brand product focuses are Loreal, Kerastase, Virtue, and Sachajuan. 

Coming in 2020 clients will soon be able to shop the James Malone personal brand which will include, Night Bird Silk pillowcases and more new brands coming to the salon. Both Millie and Russell want customers to believe in their beauty and welcome them into the new salon. 

James Malone Beauty is open at 14 Jefferson Street, Newnan, Georgia. For more information click here.

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