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Blue Door Gallery Marries the Best Aspects of ‘Small Town’ Life with Art

Photo by Jonathan Dockery

In 2018 Blue Door Gallery opened as a place centered around sharing creativity through art under the direction of six members of Artists Guild of Carrollton. The gallery occupies the space that was formerly held as the Carrollton Main Street office. 

Together as the only artist co-operative in Carrollton, local artists Alice Searcy, Wanda Cox, Debra Cobia, Scott Foxx, and Marcella Kuykendall, currently showcase their work at their gallery on Rome Street in Carrollton. Debra Cobia notes, “We were given a blank slate and encouraged to make something wonderful happen. We all share the decision making and responsibilities to manage and maintain the gallery.” 

Wanda Cox shares, “Blue Door Gallery is the only permanent art gallery in Carrollton. There is not another place in Carrollton to show our work ,and the city has been great to work with.” 

With the Blue Door Gallery being a co-operative space, each artist works in a diverse range of art to create beautiful pieces for anyone, from an entry level collector to those establishing a new home, and professional collectors. The gallery offers a more affordable approach to art. Debra mentions, “As a co-operative, we don’t have the overhead of other galleries and this is reflected in our prices.”

A wide variety of paintings, sculptures, and jewelry are all part of the inventory at the gallery. As the writer of this article, I was having a tour of the gallery and noticed one of Marcella’s pieces of pottery that featured a clay hand which made me want to study it. Art work allows emotion to be expressed, so at times art lovers might gaze at a piece for a few minutes to gather the story behind it. 

Marcella explains, “Blue Door Gallery has become a part of weaving together a network of creators, educators, enthusiastic patrons, and other locals that support and inspire each other in their creative endeavors. We provide a space to enjoy a casual conversation with an artist and see what people are making.” 

Because the gallery features five different artists, the level of creativity is flowing. Painter Wanda Cox is self-taught in watercolor, pastel, and oils. Another painter Alice Searcy uses oil and focuses on painting from life outside the elements. Debra Cobia expresses her interest in jewelry using a mixture of silver, gold, and semi-precious stones. Scott Foxx captures the sights, sounds, and textures of the southern way of life, image by image. He says, “My aesthetic is grounded in a faux naive style that references regional, southern vernacular concepts and forms, and the people of west Georgia have been a highly receptive audience.” Mixed media sculptor Marcella Kuykendall focuses on clay and paper construction materials for her work. 

All of the artists in the gallery are inspired by each other as well as by the community of Carrollton. Debra explains, “I found this whole community of creative people; it’s what keeps me here.” 

Blue Door Gallery is hosting an open house December 7 from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to allow art fans to meet artists. Refreshments will be served and hourly drawings will be held for a $50 gift certificate. 

The 200-square-foot gallery is located at 115 Rome Street, Carrollton, Georgia, and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.