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Doctor Popple’s Popular White Oak Pediatric Dentistry Opening Carrollton Location

Photo by Jonathan Dockery

Going above and beyond the call of being a pediatric dentist’s office is what White Oak Pediatric Dentistry practices each day. From the lobby full of toys to the tablets with games and hygienists who allow the children to explore the instruments being used during cleanings, parents can relax knowing that each individual need is being met. 

Prior to opening his office four years ago in Newnan, Georgia, Pediatric Dentist Dr. Ben Popple was a soccer enthusiast and student at Berry College in Rome, Georgia. He says, “I made the trek between Rome and Carrollton quite often to see my now wife while she attended the University of West Georgia.”

While he was studying and playing soccer, one of his close friends recommended that he look into dentistry. He took the advice and ended up at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta and then in a residency program at Yale. Dr. Popple laughs, “I didn’t even think I had a shot of getting in, but they saw how relaxed I was–and that’s how it began.”

On February 21, the new Carrollton office of White Oak Pediatrics will open on Maple Street near the intersection with South Street. The new facility is 3,000 square feet, which is bigger than the Newnan location. A large parking lot will help with the expected volume that Dr. Popple expects with new patients in Carrollton. He mentions, “Already twenty percent of our patients that drive to Newnan are from Carrollton.” Ben is also hiring employees to help with the additional volume. 

South Tree Construction started work on the new location on October 14, shortly after permits were issued by the city of Carrollton on September 20. Dr. Popple says, “I’m so thankful to the city for approving our plans so efficiently.” He took advantage of a Maple Street Improvement Grant that allowed dollars from the city to help offset some of the construction costs. 

In addition to the grant, Dr. Popple also reached out to Cole Fanin with the Small Business Development Center at the University of West Georgia. Cole helped Ben identify a few locations and spots in the Carrollton area that would be a perfect fit for his new Pediatric Dentistry. Cole mentions, “Our free service, which is provided by the state through a Small Business Association grant and state tax dollars, was able to look at the big picture holistically to make sure it made sense for White Oak Dentistry to expand into Carrollton.” The Small Business Development Center consults established businesses along with startup businesses, for more details contact Cole at (678) 839-5082. 

Dr. Popple also expresses appreciation to Commercial Realty Services of West Georgia who helped secure the new Carrollton location. He mentions, “One of my pediatric dentistry clients, Molly Strickland answered the call and pointed out this location when no-one else had. I’m very thankful to their entire team.” 

In closing, Dr. Popple is eager to open the new Carrollton location and see his patients where they live, “I know the trek to Newnan can sometimes be difficult for families from the Carrollton area, these families are absolutely wonderful, and I’m glad I can help make their life just a little easier with our opening a new location in Carrollton. We are honored to be in such a great community as Carrollton.”

Those interested in learning more about White Oak Pediatrics can visit their website by clicking here.

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