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“Every Second Matters”– Carroll County Schools Continue Improving Safety

Central High School Resource Officer Ricky Rayburn

The safety of students and staff is a top priority for Carroll County School System. By investing in leading safety technology the school district is better prepared to rapidly respond to emergency situations. 

Terry Jones of Carroll County Schools tells us, “Our district has always prioritized safety, and by recognizing its importance we provide a safe learning environment to promote academic success for every student.” 

Recently the district began installing CENTEGIX CrisisAlert™ system in every Carroll County Schools facility including the College and Career Academy, Performing Arts Center, and more. It is planned to be fully activated across the district by early April 2020. 

The CENTEGIX system provides every staff member with a badge to be worn which empowers them to quickly and easily alert responders of medical emergencies, student altercations, unauthorized visitors, suspicious activity, and more. 

When a staff member sends an alert, responders such as administration, school resource officers, and medical personnel receive the exact location of the incident. Mr. Jones explains, “The addition of this technology promotes a quicker response time when incidents occur on our campuses. The campus-wide protection is beneficial when something like a medical emergency occurs on the playground and a teacher needs to request help immediately.” 

In addition, the system can lock down the entire campus and issue announcements of an ongoing situation through an intercom system. Central High School Principal Jared Griffis tells us, “CENTEGIX is also useful in weather situations such as a tornado warning. Across our campus are strobe lights that pair with the intercom to signify various alerts.” 

Mr. Griffis continues, “We are thankful for the emphasis our district has on safety. Last year they invested in access controlled doors at every campus which helps us manage student flow and visitors accessing the building. Plus, we have one-hundred cameras across our campus, and no one is permitted to enter our school without first presenting a photo identification card at the front door. Once entering the front office, visitors undergo a strategic sign-in process.”

Media specialist Linda Morris shares, “I feel safer here than anywhere else, and I am proud of the way our administration and resource officers handle things from an asthma attack to an injury on the practice field. Most of us have or had children of our own attending school here, and we share the same level of care with every student.” 

In closing, Mr. Griffis says, “We have a commitment to keep everyone safe. Parents entrust us every day with the education and wellbeing of their children. We want them to know both are our top priorities. Our staff is well trained in following standards and procedure; and when something occurs, we do our best to communicate with parents in a timely manner.”