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Changes Brewing at Newnan Baynard Park Development

*Viewers report the building is now painted white*

Early January The City Menus reported a new development which was set to “rock” Newnan’s Baynard Park. The development was reported to be a new brewery which was set to be named “Rocket Brewing Company,” but now with changes in ownership another business venture is set to develop there.  

A spokesperson told us, “Rocket Brewing Company has no affiliation with the construction at 1710 East Highway 34 next to Dairy Queen. The previous partnership has dissolved, and another venture has opted to proceed with the buildout of that space.”

Landscape plans submitted to Coweta County by the former partnership have not been updated just yet to reflect the changes. 

Further we were told Rocket Brewing Company is currently not in production but looking for a solution. 

At press time The City Menus has no additional information to share about the new development. 

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