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GDOT Planning Improvements to Highway 16 at Blandenburg Road

The Georgia Department of Transportation plans to update the intersection of GA Highway 16 and Blandenburg Road the week of February 10 after a study of traffic crashes in the area. The new intersection will only allow vehicles to turn right on to Blandenburg Road and right from Blandenburg Road to Highway 16.

The improvements followed a study by GDOT that found a high number of crashes at the intersection caused by vehicles turning left at the intersection. Carroll County officials brought their concerns to GDOT, who conducted the study and designed a solution that will limit those types of crashes by preventing left turns.

“Angle crashes caused by a vehicle being struck perpendicularly are some of the most dangerous crashes we see,” said District Engineer Grant Waldrop. “These improvements will keep drivers safer, and that’s our top priority.”

The project should be completed within two weeks, depending on the weather. Motorists in the area can expect some delays during construction.

GDOT is also studying the nearby Highway 16 intersection with Clem Lowell Road and Old Newnan Road after Carroll County officials asked them to review that intersection as well. Although results on that study are not expected until next week, based on preliminary findings, GDOT will make signage and marking improvements while the intersection is being reviewed for a longer-term safety improvement.

“We know this intersection has also had a high number of crashes,” Waldrop said. “Once we look at all aspects of the intersection we’ll decide on the best course of action to improve the safety there.”