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Chef Lindsay Owens Brings Southern Roots Culinary Experience to The Otherside

Photo by Jonathan Dockery

Chef Lindsay Owens brings more than 15 years of a culinary life to The Otherside at Uncorked on Main in Villa Rica, Georgia. The food immersion was born out of her native roots in Texas, where she also attended culinary school. Soon after school Lindsay found herself in Minneapolis, running a top-rated restaurant, UniDeli, which featured Asian cuisines she learned from hands-on experiences with a Taiwanese family. 

Later an opportunity to move to Atlanta greeted her. She says, “There was something more I could bring to the south.” She worked at Rose and Rye in Atlanta.  “This was the classic form of dining, deep flavors matching various dishes and wines.” Lindsay then worked at Pin and Proper, where she realized she missed the fine dining atmosphere and a close-knit community like hers in Texas. 

Now married, Lindsay and her wife live in a majestic area of Carroll County with flowing pastures and land for locally-grown foods. Lindsay accepted an executive chef position at a traditional steakhouse, The Otherside, which is adjacent to Uncorked on Main in Villa Rica, Georgia. She says, “Uncorked on Main wants to be a strong support system for the community; I’m here for the people. You don’t find this much in the industry. People care about customer service, and they want you to come back.” She also added that The Otherside allows her to go back to doing things from scratch. Many of the vegetables used in the menu are locally grown and sourced from north and west Georgia.

The Otherside, a traditional steakhouse, is a makeup of a set protein and sauce. The  ambience, enhanced by its natural lighting, enables guests to laugh and talk, creating a buzz of excitement that even makes its way back to the kitchen. The steakhouse serves Certified Angus Beef, hand-cut, and never-frozen fillets, ribeyes, and chops. Sides include braised collards, grits, charred corn, sweet mash potatoes, and grilled broccolini. 

Lindsay explains, “It’s exciting to eat food with the actual growers and producers, who dine with us weekly.” Diners of The Otherside are inspired to stroll through the town of Villa Rica as the downtown offers many local merchants. Lindsay adds, “The restaurant is so pretty down here in the historical district. It does not feel like Atlanta in any way.” 

Those looking to enjoy the flavors of a culinary experience close to home can do so during their Leap Year Special on Saturday, February 29. Two can dine for $29! Click here to see the menu. Call (678) 941-3699 or email [email protected] for more details. 

The Otherside at Uncorked on Main is located at 129 Main Street in Villa Rica, Georgia.