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Three Local School Systems Ask for SPLOST Support

The Carrollton High School replacement project completed in time for the 2019-2020 school year.

Since 1997 residents of Carroll County, Carrollton, and Bremen have all shown support of the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) for education. On March 24 voting will commence once again for this funding mechanism. 

“With the help of SPLOST funding, we will continue to provide the quality of education that our families expect and deserve,” stated Scott Cowart, Superintendent of Carroll County School System. Several school improvements are forthcoming within the Carroll County School System, click here to see the entire list. 

Carrollton City Schools Superintendent Dr. Mark Albertus says, “This funding mechanism has accomplished great things for our public schools since the first SPLOST was approved in 1997. Since then SPLOST has allowed Carrollton City Schools, Carroll County Schools and Bremen City Schools to have the financial ability to improve campus facilities and reduce debt. Before SPLOST, property owners exclusively were burdened to address these concerns through property taxes. Today with this penny sales tax, everyone in the county contributes, plus out-of-town shoppers and tourists who are estimated to pay roughly a third of all sales tax in Carroll County. This has been a win-win for property owners, our schools, and our community.”

The Pope-McGinnis Student Activity Center was the last project in the Carrollton High School replacement project. The facility includes the only regulation-size indoor field in the state of Georgia.

With SPLOST, Carrollton City Schools will be able to reduce debt from upgrading, renovating, and expanding their existing facilities along with a whole list of other improvements, upgrades, and purchases of new buses.

Bremen City Schools will use the SPLOST revenue if passed, to pay a portion of an existing bond indebtedness. David Hicks, Superintendent of Bremen City Schools explains, “We are thankful and appreciative to our community for continuously supporting an education SPLOST. As a sales tax, it enables us to utilize funding which is generated when all people, community members and visitors, spend in our community. In this way, the responsibility of an education does not all default to the local property owner.”

Voting will begin on March 24, click here to learn more about SPLOST.