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Carrollton US MedClinic Now Operating Medical Pod

US MedClinic, located at 714 Cedar Street, Carrollton, Georgia, is now operating a medical pod in their parking lot to test flu-like illnesses like the coronavirus. Dr. Harris says, “Do not come inside our clinic if you have any respiratory symptoms such as cough, congestion, and fever. We will evaluate patients at our med-pod.” 

At this time, the clinic is offering COVID-19 testing. The testing is available at the cost of $92 ($52 cost plus $40 nurse visit). They do not know the exact turnaround time, but it’s been running about four (4) days until results are available. Dr. Harris tells us, “We do not currently have the resources available to provide reimbursement for the cost of these tests. So far, the state has only provided free testing for high-risk individuals.”

“Flu testing is an additional $30. If we have to prescribe medications or treat, the nurse visit is changed to a provider visit of $80.”

“We are the only urgent care in west Georgia that has our potential coronavirus evaluations outside, separated from the main clinic patients,” said Dr. Harris.

Those interested in testing can register at Good Labz online https://goodlabz.com/ and purchase the test along with clicking the location they are going to. Clients that have never been to the location need to register at www.usmedclinic.com

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