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The Perfect Marriage for Two Carrollton Businesses

(L-R): Susan Garrett, Meredith Sammon, Melissa Shadrix

A simple conversation between two Carrollton business owners turned into a casual sales transaction. Meredith Sammon, owner of the Flower Cart Price Florist and now new owner of Vintage Rental Company remembers it well, “I rented a wall piece to put flowers on for the Pregnancy Resource Center’s Fall Fundraiser, not knowing that soon I’d own the entire inventory of rental equipment myself,” says Meredith. She adds, “Melissa Shadrix and Susan Garrett approached me during a conversation and told me it would be the perfect marriage of both our businesses if I were to purchase it.” 

Melissa tells us, “Susan and I are vintage people,and we decided that with aging parents, our families needed us more, and we were at a point where we had to start scaling back and staying home more with our families.” 

The timing couldn’t have been better for Meredith, as she was wanting a one-stop shop for brides. Vintage Rental Company features props and equipment for not just weddings but also events. Just a sample of their inventory includes lounge areas for guests, artisan-built farm tables, vintage chairs, benches, and so much more. Meredith explains, “We are truly a unique, one-of-a-kind, specialty rental company.”

The transition quickly happened after the purchase of Vintage Rental Company. Meredith remodeled the basement to store the rental equipment. She says, “I’ve been so blessed with Flower Cart Price Florist that it was time to expand. If a customer needs flowers we have them. If a bride needs rentals for a wedding, we have them.”  

Meredith and her team will work hard to make every event beautiful with the addition of The Vintage Rental Company. During the pandemic, Meredith has transitioned to credits given to the next rental, due to many postponed weddings and events. She notes, “During this time I have tried to be super accommodating to all my brides.”

Meredith is very excited for all to see the combo of beauty and happiness now at the Flower Cart Price Florist with the addition of Vintage Rental Company at 488 Bankhead Highway in Carrollton.

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