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Lifetime Wellness Center Opens in Carrollton

Growing up on a vineyard in the countryside of France, owner of Lifetime Wellness Center Michele Feckoury enjoyed an assortment of fresh vegetables from her mother’s garden. This upbringing introduced her to a world of healthy living and clean eating. 

Michele tells us, “I took it for granted because it was so much work keeping up with the farm. My whole family was eating clean at a young age.” 

Fast forward several years. Michele moved to America where she met her husband from Roswell, Georgia. She says, “I spoke no English at the time; I moved to this country to start a new life. I love America.” It was then she discovered the famous American drive-thru. She adds, “Finding out I didn’t have to cook so much was a dream come true. My food was hot and everything.” 

Michele laughed as she told us that she still has faxes sent to friends about the drive-thru food. She says, “I discovered how things are so much easier here. I didn’t have to go to work on a farm.” However, within two years of being in America Michele suddenly found out she had high cholesterol, was pre-diabetic, and was twenty pounds overweight. She tried all kinds of diets but kept gaining weight back.

Finally with desperation she started going to a nutrition school to learn about a solution for her health issues. She says,  “I read a book Because It’s Your Life, from Doctor Tran, who developed a protocol, Ideal Protein, to help high level athletes lean up before competition, preserving the muscle mass. Dr. Tran had patients from all over the world coming to see him in Paris.” Now Ideal Protein is in Canada and the United States of America, and Michèle operates a clinic in Newnan and one that has now opened at 319 Newnan Road in Carrollton. 

She says, “Ideal Protein has rescued so many people through making weight loss simple and making it work. I am a result of it to show that it truly works. I feel marvelous.” 

One of the several actions Michele took to maintain her weight was building a lifestyle and living around it. She tells us her goals are to educate, coach, and help people grow. Michele explains, “The south is much more agricultural, and we must go back to our agricultural roots of what is important.” 

Michele’s coaches help keep those attending sessions to make a lifestyle change of not being dependent on the drive-thru eateries. She says, “Education is very important. Teaching healthy living ideas and making families want to cook together allow people to feel no shame.”

Michele also says that consistency and commitment are key to helping prepare those interested in building a healthy lifestyle. She explains, “So many people live in fear about what people say about their body. If their self esteem is too low and they don’t feel good, they will do anything to feel good. Too many people have low self-esteem, low energy, have tried to diet but failed, or others don’t know anymore what to do! Our program is unique as we meet with our clients once a week and build a great relationship with trust, solutions, and motivation. We set up our clients for success, not failure! And we make sure they get to their goals and learn at the same time how to stabilize and maintain their ideal weight.”

Many of her clients had suggested that she open a clinic in Carrollton, so she did. She has added three coaches to her clinic in Newnan: Carrie Sho, who lost 49 pounds two years ago,  and Heather and Evelyn, who are currently on the program and are coaches in training.

In closing Michelle shared, “Our Carrollton customers who used to have to drive once a week to Newnan are very happy about our new location. We are open to new customers and invite people dealing with the struggle of weight loss, whether it is 10 or 100 pounds, to call us for more information or come to our coming open house where we will give a presentation of why Ideal Protein is different, safer, and very predictable, more than any other weight loss program.” 

An open house date is set for June 19 from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. Those interested in learning more about Lifetime Wellness Center in Carrollton can visit their website by clicking here

Lifetime Wellness Center of Carrollton is located at 320 Newnan Road, Carrollton, Georgia.