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Courthouse Cafe Prepares for Grand Reopening Under New Ownership

For the past several months since Courthouse Cafe was sold, new owners Janet and Rodney Grape and their son Sean Chase, who is going to be their general manager, have been very busy getting the cafe ready to reopen. “Timing for the opening has been difficult because of the ongoing pandemic,” Janet says. “We’ve made several slight renovations to the restaurant along with updating a few things in the kitchen, so scheduling, construction and inspections has been tricky.” 

Now in August the new meat and three menu is being prepared, and our mouths are watering! Janet elaborates. “We are going to keep the meat and three walk-up format with some new additions to the recipes.” One of the area favorites, chicken and dumplings, will remain on the menu. Janet notes, “Those who are on vegetarian diets will find we use separate cookware from meats during preparation of those types of foods.” 

Last Tuesday, Courthouse Cafe hosted a Friends and Family with a complementary “meat and eat” day for people to come and sample. 

Janet, Rodney, and Sean have over seventy years of combined experience in the food industry. Janet explains, “We’ve actually never owned a restaurant before but have served in multiple capacities from general managers, cooks and bartenders, to working in catering services.” Janet and Rodney are very proud to serve the community in any way they can. They are ready to give back, and one of those ways is by providing First Responders and First Line of Defense Workers a special day. Keep watching for more information on that event.

For more details on the grand opening of Courthouse Cafe, please visit their Facebook page by clicking here. They are located at 312 Newnan Street in Carrollton.