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A Fresh Twist on Healthcare: 3:16 Family Medicine to Open Carrollton Office

A new healthcare provider is coming to Carrollton! The owners of Spa 3:16 and 3:16 Family Medicine in Bremen are opening a family healthcare facility at 527 Tanner Street. The facility is offering another option to pediatric and adult care and adding more practitioners who are DOT certified and eager to start providing medical care to west Georgia’s youth and families. “We are excited to expand our family medicine services to Carrollton!” said owner Dr. Allison Key.  “We will offer another option for pediatric care as we bring on a pediatric-certified nurse practitioner who has years of experience treating kids of all ages!”

For a long time Dr. Key was looking to expand her business and be able to offer more services to the public, but it was not a quick and easy task. “We have talked about expanding our family medicine practice into Carrollton for as long as we have talked about expanding our spa services in the area,” said Key.  “Several people sent us this listing over the past year, but it just didn’t feel right when we were looking for the spa location.  However, as we bounced back from COVID and the demand for our services continued to grow, we felt it was time to move forward with expanding family medicine, and this property popped up again! It is in a wonderful location, close to our Carrollton spa location, in the heart of downtown Carrollton.”

With a long history of providing medical care through her spa and family medicine facilities, Dr. Key wanted to take her care to the next level, which started the idea for 3:16 Healthcare. She hand picked her staff with a wide variety of experience and expertise. “We will be bringing on three additional healthcare providers:  Amber Boyd, Certified Pediatric NP, Calee Britt, NP-C, and Amy Evans, NP-C,” said Key. “Again, Amber brings years of pediatric experience to our office, and we are excited to continue to grow that part of our practice.  All of our providers love seeing kids, so this is something we are excited to continue to offer!  Calee and Amy have many years of experience treating patients of all ages and will continue to shine a light into our community through service and love for our patients.”

Having grown up in this area and through her work in the spa and medical facilities, Dr. Key has a deep connection with the west Georgia community. She is looking to build on the relationships she has built with the community by providing quality healthcare to all families of west Georgia. “We are so thankful that our community has continued to embrace and support our mission,” said Key. “We set out to change the face of healthcare–both for providers and for patients. We believe that God created all of us with purpose and intention, and we want to help our patients, and each other, be the best version of ourselves. We hope that when patients are in our offices they feel seen, heard, and loved. The support of this community means everything to us; and as long as our doors are open, we are committed to giving back to the communities that have given so much to us, to the communities that have raised us. We love west Georgia and are proud to be a part of the culture that makes it feel like home!”

Their current offices can be found online at http://www.316healthcare.us/. The Spa has locations in Bremen and Carrollton. The Bremen spa, located at 211 Gordon Street, can be reached at 770-537-1236. The Carrollton spa, located at 302 Newnan Street, can be reached at 678-390-6580. The Bremen Family Medicine office at 222 Gordon Street can be reached at 770-537-1234, and the new Carrollton Family Medicine office can be reached at 678-390-6575.  Now accepting appointments for all locations and providers!