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Sports Turf Company Completes Beulah Park Recreational Facility in Valley, AL

Sports Turf Company, a specialty athletics construction company, is proud to announce the completion of Beulah Park in Valley, Ala. The park will serve as a centerpiece in the community for many years, providing an opportunity for athletes of all ages to showcase and develop their athletic skills. Typically known for its work with high schools and universities, Sports Turf also has extensive credentials in developing recreational parks. 

Headquartered in Whitesburg, Ga., Sports Turf was selected to construct Beulah Park (located at 11061 Lee Road) in late 2019. The scope of the project included completion of the site development, erosion control, mass grading, parking lot construction, concrete plaza installation, two natural grass baseball/softball fields, a natural grass multi-purpose field, irrigation, fencing, sports lighting, landscaping and site furnishings. 

“Our community is thrilled that this new park will provide children a place to spend their time and develop their athletic skills,” said Lee County Administrator Roger Rendleman. “Lee County has been planning for a facility like this for many years, and we’re excited to provide our community a high-quality recreational park.”

Beulah Park is the second public park that Sports Turf has completed in the area. In 2015, the company renovated the Valley Sports Complex, which included five softball fields.

“Sports Turf Company is honored to build these fields for the community,” said Todd Wiggins, president of Sports Turf Company. “We enjoy knowing that our fields will make a positive impact on the area and its local athletes for many years to come.”

For more information about Sports Turf Company, please visit www.sportsturf.net or find them on Facebook and Twitter at @STCFieldBuilder. 

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About Sports Turf Company:

Sports Turf Company has been a specialty athletics construction company for nearly 30 years. Sports Turf constructs the finest natural grass and artificial turf fields, tracks and tennis courts. The company has three Certified Field Builders and two Certified Track Builders, as recognized by The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), making it one of the highest qualified athletics construction companies in the Southeast. Sports Turf Company’s mission is to build safer, longer-lasting and better performing athletic facilities.