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A Little TLC During an Uncertain Time, At Farm to Fork

As the world deals with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the oncoming winter flu season, a Coweta local is set out to provide a healthy, naturally grown immune system supplement for residents in Coweta County. Who can’t use a little TLC?

Valerie Gardner, owner of TLC’s Farm to Fork, has concocted an Elderberry Syrup and chew gummy made from local ingredients that will provide a boost to one’s immune system and is safe for adults and children of all ages. Along with the Elderberry, her syrups and gummies are made with locally-sourced honey, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. “Elderberry syrup and gummies have been available at places likeWalmart and Amazon for ages,” said Gardner. 

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“But you don’t know where they came from, and they’re full of added ingredients I don’t want in my body.” Although we all know the colloquial acronym TLC, and what it stands for, Gardner’s TLC means so much more. The business name reflects the initials of Gardner’s late daughter, Toni Lauren Clanton.

Since she started selling her syrups and gummies over a year ago, Gardner has expanded to a full brick-and-mortar store offering all kinds of products, from fresh locally grown produce, to baked goods, to hand picked flowers, and yes, her legendary Elderberry syrup and gummies.

TLC Farm to Fork can be found at 3500 Highway 34 East, Suite 6, in Sharpsburg. They can be found online at http://www.tlcfarm2fork.com/ and at facebook at @tlchomemadeandmore. Give Valerie a visit if you are in need of a little TLC!

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