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New Faces, Old Faces, and New Spaces: Changes Coming to Westover Square

The Westover Square shopping center is undergoing some changes, as well as adding a new tenant. Whiten Pools has announced they are expanding their business and getting more space to enlarge their store. There is also a new restaurant coming soon: The owners of Thai Basil in Villa Rica are opening a second location where Kreations Art Studio used to be. According to Alice Ridley-Teal, managing partner for Westover Square, renovations are already under way for Whiten Pools’ expansion, and Thai Basil is having kitchen equipment custom made and shipped and are expected to open in the coming weeks.

“We had several great potential tenants trying to get the space that was The Sous Chef,” said Ridley-Teal, “but we’ve had a long-term relationship with Whiten, and they wanted to take the  opportunity to expand into it.” 

With their new space Whiten Pools will offer more options in outdoor living and furnishings. Items such as outdoor kitchens, a wider variety of grills and smokers, a new line of patio furniture, and other items including more outdoor flags, mats, and accessories will be available to complete your outdoor living setup. Whiten Pools is having a Grand Opening on December 12th and will have their full floor display on sale, with 12 new hot tubs on sale with great pricing.

Thai Basil will continue their tradition of hand-picked ingredients and fresh, delicious Thai food at their new location. Once their custom equipment is shipped and installed, they will add more great flavors to Westover Square, already home to American Pie Pizzeria.

The success of the businesses at Westover is a testament to the community and how it and they support each other Alice said. “Small businesses are the lifeblood of a community and do so much for each other as well as for the town,” she elaborated. “All of the schools, churches, camps, concerts, plays, and charity events are sponsored and supported by local businesses around the community, not big box stores. Small businesses are the real difference makers in the quality of life in the area.”

Ridley-Teal encourages all shoppers to shop locally this holiday season. “Local small businesses support the community, and we need to do our part to support them back. Shopping online and at big box stores might save you a dollar or two, but it doesn’t invest in your community when you do that–and you’ll certainly not get the personal assistance from them that you get from our independent businesses. ‘Shop small, shop local’!” 

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for an announcement of another new business opening at Westover!