Home Headlines Carroll County Board of Commissioners Donates QRV to Fairfield

    Carroll County Board of Commissioners Donates QRV to Fairfield

    On Monday, November 16th the Carroll County Board of Commissioners and Administrators delivered a brand-new Quick Response Vehicle (QRV) to the Fairfield Property Owners Association for service in the Fairfield Fire Department fleet. With approximately half of all 911 calls County wide and nearly 90% of those within the gated community of Fairfield relating to medical emergencies and other instances of a non-fire nature, Carroll County is proactively exploring avenues in which to respond with both improved
    efficiency and economics.

    This QRV will continue to allow for timely response to medical calls with an initial vehicle investment of around $50,000 as compared to Tanker and/or Ladder Trucks that can value more than half a million dollars. Saving vehicle wear and tear, controlling operating costs, streamlining maintenance, and helping ensure large firetrucks are preserved for when they are needed most, is a win-win from all angles in Fire Rescue. The Fairfield Fire Department serves as an intricate part of public safety to both the citizens of
    Fairfield and to those within their service range outside of the gated perimeter in a mutual aid capacity with Carroll County Government.

    District 2 Commissioner Clint Chance praised the Chairman and full Board of Commissioners for unanimously supporting his vision of supplying this QRV to Fairfield in what he describes as a, “forward thinking – safety enhancement partnership that unilaterally supports both the wellbeing of Carroll County Citizens inside the service parameters of Fairfield Plantation all the while safeguarding the economic vitality of first responder operations”.

    Further, Chance thanked Fire Chief Tim Padgett and Public Works Director Charles Pope for their professional services in helping to secure and retrofit the QRV for field service. In addition, A special thank you was given by Commissioner Chance to County Communications Director Ashley Hulsey for helping coordinate the gifting ceremony that included a platform for Official remarks, collage of photos & hood bow ornament for the officiating of the new vehicle into service. Hulsey was named to the new role in June of 2020 and has been tasked with all aspects of county communications ranging from ceremony coordination to Sheriff’s Department
    Briefings to park operations to everything in between that is of importance with Carroll County Government/Citizen interaction.

    Carroll County Officials state the QRV was paid for with County SPLOST dollars and is a collaborative partnership amongst these various entities in support of Fairfield Fire Rescue & First Responder Operations. County Fire Administration and the Board of Commissioners will follow the performance and efficiency of this pilot QRV program inside Fairfield in anticipation of adding similar vehicles to the County’s own operations in high call volume locations in future planning as funding and personnel are made available.

    Mike Barnwell, Fairfield POA Board President stated, “I had the pleasure to attend a ceremony held on Fairfield at Vista Point. In attendance were the Chairperson for the Carroll County Commission, Michelle Morgan, as well as our County Commissioner, Clint Chance, a delegation from your Fairfield Emergency Responders, our General Manager, Alison Kennedy, and representatives from the Fairfield Board of Directors. The occasion was the presentation of a new F250 Emergency Response vehicle from Carroll County to Fairfield. This was a synergistic, collaborative effort between the County and Fairfield that will have lifesaving benefits for all. The truck is step one in our effort to improve the emergency response capabilities of our responders with a specific focus on medical care. Fairfield is our own fire district and as such we have certain responsibilities. One of which is to provide “mutual aid” when requested.

    If our assistance is requested outside our gates, we provide it. This truck as well as another fire truck recently gifted from the county provide us with enhanced capabilities throughout the emergency response spectrum. Capabilities that benefit both Fairfield and Carroll County. These new assets allow Fairfield emergency responders to better serve our community, relieve stress and pressure on Carroll County resources and provide needed mutual aid to our immediate neighbors when needed.” Barnwell went on to say, “I wish to thank everyone that was involved in attaining these great assets with a special thanks to Michelle Morgan, Clint Chance, and the Carroll County Commission and also the Carroll County Fire Chief, Tim Padgett. They have gone above and beyond to take care of the County. Thank you all for your service, dedication, and commitment to our great County.”