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Newnan, Eating Greens Never Tasted so Good

Photo by Kial Hocker – The City Menus

Newnan has become a little bit healthier since May of this year, thanks to Judah Sworney and his microgreen business Greens by Grass, located at 103 Calumet Parkway in Newnan. Their crop can be found in a few restaurants across the area, including 714 in downtown Newnan.

Using organic products, sustainable processes, urban agriculture, and advanced elements of growing greens for a more healthy product, Judah produces delicious and healthy microgreens on sale directly to the local consumer — free, direct, and touch-free delivery to your residence.

The microgreens — sunflower, arugula, radish, cilantro, and pea microgreens — are organic and pesticide free. Judah uses a controlled environment with no herbicides or pesticides, so the greens are ready to be consumed. Health is of great importance to Judah, but so is taste. “The great thing about microgreens is that they taste great while packing four to ten times the nutrients of full-sized vegetables and herbs. Some greens produce four times more antioxidants than blueberries. 

If you’ve never tried them, now is the time. Greens by Grass offers a discount ranging from 10% to 15% if you sign up for a subscription format. Great taste, free delivery, AND more nutrition – what more could you want? 

You can order on Instagram @greens.by.grass with a direct message or by emailing [email protected] or by texting or calling Judah at 678-633-9786. Home delivery in Newnan is included in the cost. If you want contactless delivery, leave a cooler on your front porch at the scheduled delivery time, and they will drop off your order in the cooler.

Here’s to your health! 

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Sue Davis
Sue Davis is a local freelance writer whose work can be seen in any COWETA Magazine issue over the last three years. She is the author of Lilly and Billy Visit the Farm, a picture book based on the history of Newnan, and she is published in two anthologies of short stories and various web-based content. Her interests include oil painting, reading, and baking “herbaceous” bread. Sue lives with her husband Larry and rescued golden retriever, Mariah, near historic downtown Newnan.