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Construction Wrapping Up for Mr. Clean Car Wash in Sharpsburg

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A new car wash, detail, and service center is set to open very soon in Sharpsburg at 3400 Highway 34, Sharpsburg, GA. Construction is expected to wrap up in the coming weeks.

Mr. Clean Car Wash has seven locations in the Atlanta area and two locations in Texas. It was reported that this location will be the first Mr. Clean Car Wash on the western portion of the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Mr. Clean Car Wash offers a variety of wash and detail services. The company offers a variety of different wash packages that help leave your vehicle spotless inside and out. Customers have the option to wash and clean their own vehicles, or allow some of the Mr. Clean Car Wash professionals to provide careful attention to detailing their car or truck.

The name may sound familiar as Mr. Clean Car Wash is same Mr. Clean company known for its cleaning products and its signature muscled, bald-headed icon, Mr. Clean. The company prides itself on providing top-of-the-line service and also being a green company which recycles its water after use.

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