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Coweta County: Location and Design Approved for Proposed Improvements to the Interstate 85 Exit Ramps at Georgia 154

Courtesy of the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)

The Georgia Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT) has approved the location and design of Project #0015314 for Coweta County, a project that would make improvements to the Interstate 85 exit ramps at Georgia 154. The design and location were approved on Dec. 9, 2020.

The 0.39-mile project is located in Coweta County, Georgia at the interchange of Interstate 85 and Georgia 154/Sharpsburg-McCollum Road. The project will extend through Land Lots 42 and 23. 

The project proposes adding a second 650-foot left turn lane to the Interstate 85 southbound exit ramp and providing appropriate receiving lanes for the dual left turns. Also proposed is the reconfiguration of the Georgia 154 eastbound approach at the intersection of the Interstate 85 southbound entrance ramp to include two through lanes and one 195-foot channelized right turn lane. 

Drawings or maps or plats of the proposed project, as approved, are on file at the Georgia Department of Transportation Area Office:

William Boyd, District 3 / Area 5 Engineer
[email protected]
1107 Hogansville Road
LaGrange, GA 30240

NOTE: Due to the current COVID-19 measures, members of the public must make an appointment to view the drawings or plats in person at the district area office. We apologize for the inconvenience. Anyone wishing to make an appointment, or to ask questions or to voice concerns about the project, should call or email the area engineer listed above. To obtain copies of the drawings, maps or plats, please follow the instructions detailed below.

Any interested party may obtain a copy of the drawings or maps or plats or portions thereof by paying a nominal fee and requesting in writing to:

Kimberly W. Nesbitt
Office of Program Delivery
Attn. Premiah Gwinn, Project Manager
[email protected]
600 West Peachtree St. NW, 25th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30308

Any written request or communication in reference to this project or notice should include the Project and PI Number (#0015314) as noted in this announcement.   
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