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City of LaGrange Animal Services Achieves ‘No Kill’ Status

LaGrange Animal Services is proud to announce it has achieved ‘no kill’ status. The City must have a 90% save rate to be considered a no-kill shelter. In 2020, the City of LaGrange Animal Services achieved a 91% save rate.

“This is a great achievement for the city because we are an open admission shelter and don’t turn away sick or injured  stray animals,” said LaGrange Animal Services Supervisor Chris Bussey. “We have been working on becoming a no-kill shelter since 2007. At that time we began forming important partnerships with many different organizations including the Puppy Pipeline.” 

The Puppy Pipeline of Georgia Rescue is a 501©3 non-profit organization that transports puppies, kittens, dogs and cats to the Northeast and Upper Midwest to no kill shelters that will find them loving forever homes. In the South, there is a low demand, high supply for animals and in the Northeast and upper Midwest there is a high demand, low supply.

Other organizations that support the City of LaGrange Animal Shelter include the Animal Ark Rescue, Pets Plus Natural (Pennsylvania), Northeast Ohio SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), Vanderburgh Humane Society (Indiana), MSPCA Boston (Massachusetts), Toronto Humane Society (Canada), Katrina and Friends K9 Rescue (New York), Troup County Humane Society & Auburn University.

“We were able to create these partnerships by working with the Puppy Pipeline, attending conferences and networking,” said Bussey. “While achieving a 91% save rate was a lot of hard work, we plan on continuing to work toward a 100% save rate. We want the community to know that we are here at the shelter trying every day to find every single one of our animals a forever home.”

The LaGrange Animal Services building is at 1390 Orchard Hill Road in LaGrange. You can also reach them at (706) 298-3606 or via Facebook at www.facebook.com/CityOfLaGrangeAnimalShelter/.

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