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Staycation 2021: Dreamscapes Has Your Back for This Year’s Vacation Time

Photo by Kial Hocker – The City Menus

Never Fear. Your Perfect Staycation Solution is Here. Dreamscapes Landscaping has the solutions for turning your backyard into the perfect family staycation spot. Not only offering typical lawn care services, Dreamscapes also operates a retail business specializing in providing customers with the tools to make their backyard the ultimate hangout spot. From quality made furniture for the adults to have a cocktail party, to full playground sets for the kids to burn off their energy, Dreamscapes has all the tools to make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood.

Dreamscapes stocks brands such as Breezesta, Telescope, and Modway;  and their offerings go way beyond the quality and durability you would find in a typical big-box store. “All of our products are USA-made and are made to last,” said owner Sarah Bearden. “When I buy outdoor furniture, I want it to be able to last through a storm and still have the same color 10 years from now.” 

Photo by Kial Hocker – The City Menus

When consumers buy from a big box store, they are not only paying for a cheap product, but they are also paying for cheap shipping and distribution. “These big-box stores buy all their merchandise from overseas, and their products are manufactured in a certain way to be packed into large shipping containers so that the manufacturers can ship the most for the cheapest amount of money,” Bearden continued. “Our products are all locally made, and we don’t have to worry about shipping or customs, so our chairs, tables, and other furniture are actually bigger and made with better materials. They all have a lifetime warranty.”

With the uncertainty going on in the world, Dreamscapes is certain that you can be set up with the ultimate backyard layout, ensuring your family years upon years of fond family memories from the comfort of your own home. Adding to the outdoor living environments, Dreamscapes offers you neat products such as outdoor rugs, bluetooth lights and speakers for your umbrellas, and customized covers for your outdoor furniture..

Dreamscapes can be found at http://www.dreamscapeslandscapingservice.com and on Facebook by clicking here. Give them a call at 770-547-4431 to revolutionize your outdoor living today!

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