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West Georgia Balloon and Party Lifting The Spirits of Local Senior Citizens

A Bowdon entrepreneur is looking to lift the spirits of local senior citizens through a national balloon industry campaign. Patricia Clements Williams, owner of West Georgia Balloon and Party, is participating in the #adoptagrandparent project. “This is a balloon industry endeavor to bring smiles to the faces of residents in nursing homes because they’ve been locked down for a year. The lockdown is breaking their hearts. We are doing this to bring a smile to their faces for a while,” Williams said.

The project, funded by donations from individuals, corporations, and other local businesses and organizations, provides each resident with a “balloon buddy,” a two-foot tall balloon sculpture. The balloons are air-filled, so they can last for a couple of weeks to a few months, making sure that the smiles they bring to the nursing home residents last a while. Each balloon buddy also comes with a handwritten note, which Northwest Exterminating is partnering with the project to provide. Williams is also providing a larger balloon buddy for each home to display in their lobby.

The national movement was started by Liz Romani with two goals in mind. “She did it to bring joy to people who’ve been locked down for almost a year and also to help the balloon industry and keep them in business,” Williams said.

Williams’ current goal is to provide 111 balloon buddies for residents in Bowdon Majestic Living and Pine Knoll in Carrollton and the next goal is 89 balloon buddies for Carroll Manor. However, she said that she would love to exceed that goal so they can branch out to other nursing homes in the area. “There are nine homes in Carroll County. Wouldn’t it be great to provide them each with a buddy that will last them for weeks? I want these seniors to know that the community has not forgotten them. To let them know that we are thinking of them and that we care.”

Individuals, businesses, and organizations can sponsor the project by donating $15.00 for one balloon buddy, $50.00 for four balloon buddies, and $100.00 for seven balloon buddies. Donations can be made through the West Georgia Balloon and Party website or their Paypal account at [email protected]. Businesses and corporations can also request an invoice to pay from.