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2021 STAR Student and Teachers Honored; East Coweta Student named Coweta and Regional STAR

East Coweta High School senior Gyeongtae “Sun” Moon was announced Tuesday as Coweta County’s 2021 STAR Student, and announced later in the week as the STAR student for Coweta’s region.

Moon was recognized first by Newnan Rotary Club President Garnet Reynolds, along with all 7 2021 STAR Students and Teachers from six Coweta County public and private high schools.

Moon was chosen by the state PAGE organization for the county honor from among Coweta’s seven STAR students from six participating Coweta County Schools. East Coweta AP Chemistry teacher Candice Mohabir was chosen by Moon as his STAR Teacher, and shares the county-wide honor with him.

Moon and Mohabir were also recognized Friday by the Georgia PAGE organization as the 2021 Georgia Region 3b STAR Student and Teacher (see here for that announcement). 

The Newnan Rotary Club and Coweta School Assistant Superintendent Marc Guy recognized all 7 2021 STAR Students and their STAR Teachers at a gathering on Tuesday at the Coweta County Board of Education office.  STAR Students from East Coweta High School, Newnan High School, Northgate High School, the Heritage School, Central Christian School, and Trinity Christian School were all recognized along with their chosen STAR Teachers.

This year’s STAR Students and Teachers from Coweta County’s six participating schools are:

East Coweta High School:

STAR Student – Gyeongtae “Sun” Moon (County STAR)

STAR Teacher – Candice Mohabir, AP Chemistry

Central Christian School (two honorees, tie):

STAR Student – Jared Furukawa

STAR Teacher – Jason McDaniel, Bible


STAR Student – Emily Newman

STAR Teacher – Tammy Newman, English Language Arts

The Heritage School:

STAR Student – Banks Coggin

STAR Teacher – Alden Marchman, AP Physics and Multivariable Calculus

Newnan High School:

STAR Student – Sarah Dean

STAR Teacher – Dr. Allison Hurston, AP Biology

Northgate High School:

STAR Student – William McLane Stephens 

STAR Teacher – Bradley Wilson, AP Economics

Trinity Christian School:

STAR Student – Nathan Moore

STAR Teacher – Jennifer Rinkenberger, AP Calculus

As the Region 3B STAR Student and STAR Teacher, East Coweta’s Moon and Mohabir will represent the multi-county region at the State STAR competition being held Monday, May 17, and will compete for cash scholarship prizes that will be awarded to the state winner, the runners-up, and their teachers.

The Student Teacher Achievement Recognition (STAR) Program recognizes top academic students in Georgia high schools each year at the school, county, regional and state levels. To be named STAR, senior class students must have the highest score in their school in one sitting on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) taken through the November test date of their senior year. They must also be in the top 10 percent or top 10 students of their class based on grade point average.

STAR students are asked to honor the educator who most influenced their academic achievement by naming them as their STAR Teacher. The Newnan Rotary Club serves as the local sponsor for the statewide STAR program, which recognizes top-achieving high school students each year.  The STAR Program is organized by the Professional Association of Georgia Educators, Georgia Chamber of Commerce and Georgia Department of Education.

“The STAR Student recognizes the best of the best among our students and teachers,” said Superintendent Evan Horton.  “Congratulations STAR Students and teachers… And I’m grateful to the Newnan Rotary Club for it’s sponsorship of our local Coweta County efforts to recognize great students and great teachers in our high schools.”

Newnan  Rotary is “proud of all the students and their teachers for this incredible achievement,” said Garnet Reynolds.


Pictured are Coweta County’s 2021 STAR Students.  From left to right are Coweta County Assistant Superintendent Mark Guy, East Coweta High School STAR Student (and Coweta STAR Student) Gyeongtae “Sun” Moon and STAR Teacher Candice Mohabir, Heritage School STAR Student Banks Coggin and STAR Teacher Alden Marchman, Newnan High School STAR Student Sarah Dean and STAR Teacher Dr. Allison Hurston, Northgate High School STAR Student William McLane Stephens and STAR Teacher Bradley Wilson, Central Christian School STAR Student Emily Newman and STAR Teacher Tammy Newman, Central Christian School STAR Student Jared Furukawa and STAR Teacher Jason McDaniel. And Newnan Rotary Club President Garnet Reynolds, who presented students honors this week.  Not pictured here are Trinity Christian School STAR Student Nathan Moore and STAR Teacher Jennifer Rinkenberger (see additional photo)