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    Legacy Insurance Agency in Carrollton Protecting You from the Unexpected

    Bill Whorton, the Founder of The Whorton Agency, created trust from the ground up. With an incredible team of family and dedicated staff, The Whorton Agency in Carrollton prides itself on protecting its clients and providing the most dependable service for personal and commercial insurance. The City Menus sat down with Abigail Whorton, daughter of Bill and Linda Whorton and now the Chief Operating Officer of The Whorton Agency. She revealed how the company came to be, her father’s grand legacy, and ultimately how The Whorton Agency strives to best protect each person with whom it comes into contact. 

    In the beginning Bill and Linda met each other during a two-week life insurance course in Atlanta. Bill excelled at selling and ended up winning a reward for his achievements in the course. His choice in prizes was between a $50 gas card and a bouquet of roses. Bill, interested in Linda throughout the course (and living in a rundown trailer at the time), chose the flowers and had them delivered to his future wife.

    Abigail recounts, “After the course ended, my parents stayed in touch, and flattered by his thoughtful gesture, my mother decided to give my father a chance”. She also noted fondly how this act was typical of Bill’s quiet generosity and his interest in creating genuine connections and true bonds over prioritizing personal gain throughout his life.

    Happily married for 35 years, Bill passed away in July of 2020. This last year also marked his 35 years of working in the insurance realm and nearly 20 years as owner of The Whorton Agency. 

    Stepping up to fill her father’s shoes, Abigail became a prominent member of The Whorton Agency as the Chief Operating Officer, while her mother now serves as the Chief Executive Officer/owner. Dedicated to continuing the legacy of her father’s business Abigail affirms, “This is so important to me. These people matter–those we serve and the team working alongside us. This business, and what my dad built here–it all matters.”

    The Whorton Agency is an independent insurance agency that represents numerous carriers which provide auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, disability, workers compensation, commercial insurance, and more. The Whorton Agency curates policy packages based on the unique and individual needs of clients. Abigail elaborates, “We act on the client’s behalf to best fit them with the proper coverage and partner carrier for their needs. Our goals are to meet clients where they are in life and to provide the best coverage at the fairest price in doing so.” Beyond policies and protection, there’s a distinct relationship focus within the agency. The staff are considered friends, and the bonds that have been made with clients stand the test of time in a truly extraordinary way. This machine was created to last–built piece by piece by Bill Whorton himself.  Abigail concludes, “We want to let folks know that we’re here. Very loudly. Very proudly. We are looking forward to what the next twenty-plus years will look like in Carrollton. This town is where my parents chose to create a life together. Together they succeeded in building something so very special in life and in business, and that legacy is certainly something that I want to continue and build upon.”

    To learn more about The Whorton Agency click here. They can also be reached at 770-832-8998