Home Closings Newnan’s Downtown Olive & Kitchen Supply Co. Closing Storefront on June 30

Newnan’s Downtown Olive & Kitchen Supply Co. Closing Storefront on June 30

Now this is a sad one! Wishing Amy and her staff the best. Downtown Olive & Kitchen Supply Co. released the following information on their Facebook page about their pending store closure,

“Having a gift shop in a quaint town had always been a dream of mine, but I never imagined myself juggling retail hours while raising a child and running the business. However, when your spouse gets laid off from a big corporation after 20 years and a good friend offers him a job that same day and he starts working retail in downtown Newnan the next day, that dream starts looking like it can become a reality. Seven years ago this month, Downtown Olive opened on 16 Greenville Street after a few years of being part of the Ken’s Bargain Outlet team.

It has been a dream fulfilled having a shop in historic downtown Newnan enjoying the wonderful community we have here. So many customers we’ve come to know over the years and even out-of-town folks too! We’ve worked hard to be unique and I can’t say I’ve seen another store that comes close to what Downtown Olive is, from the fun towels, kitchen gadgets you didn’t know existed and you needed – LOL, delicious and top-quality infused olive oils & balsamic vinegars, gourmet foods, loose leaf teas, Nora Fleming, Made in Georgia products, unique gifts, Big Green Egg grills and accessories, etc. Not to mention the amazing team of employees, one who has been with me since the day we opened in May 2014. Downtown Olive wouldn’t be what it is today without them. Their commitment, hard work, smiles and great customer service has been vital to our shop. With a recent proposed lease including a 50% increase in our store rent that was non-negotiable on the heels of a pandemic where getting inventory continues to be a challenge even now, we feel it is in our best interest to close the business.

It is with great sadness and heartbreak to let you know that we will be closing on June 30, 2021. This has been a difficult decision, and I will miss doing what I’ve found great joy in doing the past 7+ years. Closing the business has never crossed my mind, ever. There’s energy and creativity that comes from buying for the store, sharing the products with customers and the biggest pleasure I will miss is interacting with each of our customers as sometimes it is just having great conversation and catching up since the last time they stopped by the shop. From all of us at Downtown Olive, we THANK each and every one of YOU who have supported us and the local businesses of Newnan, Georgia! YOU are the BEST! If you’ll please help spread the word so our customers can stock up on the things they love, we have just over 50 days with our doors open at 16 Greenville Street! Also, if you have a gift certificate, please come spend it soon! If anyone knows someone who may be interested in buying Downtown Olive or has a perfect spot for us to re-locate, please let us know! Thanks so much ~Amy”