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Bridging Together Fifty Years of Practicing Law

Photo by Steven Broome

Carrrollton has a new law firm at 619 Newnan Street–Met Lane, Attorney at Law. Met Lane and Leslie Willis bring a combined fifty-years-plus experience to west Georgia in practicing law. Lane commented, “I always wanted to be a lawyer. While other students stated their goals in long, lofty-sounding paragraphs, mine has always been to simply help people. That has grown even stronger over all these years, and will continue with the new firm.” 

His legal assistant Leslie Willis has also been helping people and is dedicated to the community. Over the past several years she helped expand the personal injury department and added social security and workers comp law knowledge at another law firm in Carrollton. Leslie will bring this same type of experience to the new law firm. She also is very involved with fundraising for local schools and sports teams. 

This experience comes full circle between Met Lane and Leslie because both believe that everyone deserves a chance to tell their story, and both will make sure their clients will get a fair trial. Met Lane served as a valued member of Carrollton’s city council for four years. He has a long history in the legal field in Carrollton, working with some of the best lawyers in town, including Pete Skandalakis, Bob Tatum, Sally Cardin, and most recently, with Greg Shadrix and Linda Parmer at the firm of Shadrix, Lane, Parmer, P.C. 

At the new firm Met will focus on criminal law, family law, building and construction law, wills and estate disputes. Leslie will help bridge all this together with her experience with personal injury, social security and probate law.

Lane and Leslie grin,  “We are right on the main drag, We would love for you to drop by and say hello. We owe so much to the people in Carrollton and surrounding communities. We couldn’t be doing this without their love and support. Both Leslie and Met guarantee it: We are here for YOU and your family!”

To learn more about Met Lane, Attorney at Law click here for their website.