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Community Foundation of West Georgia Issues Grants Totaling $126,609 from Three Funds

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The Community Foundation of West Georgia has issued grants from three funds totaling $126,609 to local nonprofit organizations and churches.


Ten local nonprofit organizations received funds totaling $50,000 from a COVID Fund that was made possible by a one-time gift from a donor.  Those receiving the funds were Antioch Baptist Church for food box transportation, Community Action for Improvement for rental assistance, Carroll County Family Connection for youth mental health task force, Hope for Atlanta for food boxes for Carroll County students, Impact West Georgia for the Hope Center and Deserve Van, Manna House/Mount Pleasant Baptist Church for weekend food backpacks for students, M-pack Summer Ambassadors Club for summer camp for eight to 14-year olds, Safe Families for Children for family support and stabilization, THS Shelter for assisting the homeless, University of West Georgia for early learning center and The Comprehensive C. Clinic/Zoom License for Health.  Additional grants will not be made from this fund since it was a one-time gift.  

Katherine “Trinka” Davis Rynne Fund

Grants totaling $27,000 were made from the Katherine “Trinka” Davis Rynne Fund to five local organizations: American Legion Post 143, Carrollton Senior Center, City of Temple/Temple Senior Center, Impact International (Impact West Georgia) and Waypoint Ranch.


The fund, which was established in 2009, is a legacy to both honor the life work of Ms. Davis and provide permanent funding to assist local veterans and their families.  Grants from the fund are made annually through a competitive grant application process.  Since the first grants were issued in 2011 a total of $387,293 has been issued to local organizations benefitting veterans.

Church Improvement Fund

The Church Improvement Fund issued grants totaling $49,609 to four local churches:  Moore’s Chapel United Methodist, Mt. Lowell Baptist Church, New Canaan Baptist Church of Temple and Piney Grove Baptist Church.

With an initial endowment of $300,000, the Church Improvement Fund provides grants for capital improvements to churches that primarily serve African American communities in Carroll County.  Funding priorities are primarily for brick-and-mortar projects that will improve the physical condition of churches and help them better serve their congregations and the community.  Applications for grants from the fund are accepted annually from churches that have been in existence at least 10 years.  Applications are evaluated on demonstrated need, including plans, cost estimates, community service, etc., as well as financial stability of the church.  A match of 25 percent is required, with the applicant church responsible for 25 percent of the project costs and the fund providing 75 percent.  Priority is given to churches that have limited ability to raise funds above normal operating costs.  A committee appointed by the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation reviews funding requests.