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Minor Renovations for KFC in Carrollton

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We were recently informed by some of our City Menus tipsters that the KFC in Carrollton at 575 Bankhead Highway appeared to be undergoing some sort of renovations. We spoke with a manager there who informed us the renovations were only minor and have already been completed. Most of the renovations were repairs and treatments to the walls and other aesthetics of the lobby. While their indoor dining was closed for the duration of the project, about four-to-five days, it is now open again and ready for patrons to once again sit down to eat.

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Kevin Hemphill
Kevin is a reporter for The City Menus. A 2007 graduate of the University of West Georgia, he moved out of state briefly before returning to the Carroll County community in 2013. He enjoys seeing and writing about the growth in Carrollton and surrounding communities.