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Spicing Up the Restaurant, Smokin’ Pig Bowdon Undergoes Renovations

From Facebook

A local barbecue restaurant is spicing things up at their Bowdon location. Smokin’ Pig BBQ at 409 West College Street announced on their Facebook page that they would be undergoing renovations during the entire month of July. The announcement reads as follows:

“This past year has been some of the most trying and scary time of the unknown in the restaurant industry. We are so thankful to be able to say that during these times God has continued to bless our business, and we are going to be expanding our Bowdon location. Renovations started this week and will continue throughout this entire month. We are extending our building out 14 feet to make our kitchen larger and more efficient and then adding the drive-thru back. This is a major renovation to take on, and our contractors are going to make every effort to keep us operational as long as possible while they build the addition and then close minimal when they tear out to attach the new addition. Then International Restaurant will come in and renovate and update our kitchen. Please bear with us during these renovations and excuse our mess. We will have to move a tent for a temporary drive-thru, and when weather is not good as it appears it may be Friday, that may become a problem, so please stay tuned to our Smokin Pig Restaurant & Catering fb page for any updates on how we can continue to offer you the best service you deserve. Call-ahead ordering is highly recommended.  With all this being said, bear with us because in the end all this is to better serve you. Just last week was our 10-year anniversary, and we thank all of you from the bottom of our heart for your continued support.”

For more information on the progress of the renovations, visit their Facebook page.