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Transitioning out of a Nursing Home Can Be Tough, Let Three Rivers Help

If you have a family member or friend who is currently residing in a nursing home or rehabilitation center, Three Rivers Area Agency on Aging’s Options Counselors can assist individuals to safely transition back into the community.

TRAAA Options Counselors will conduct a person-centered-option counseling session with each client to review available choices, facilitate the decision-support process, develop action plans, and connect clients to services such as Nursing Transitions and Community Transitions. “ We are excited to start this fiscal year off strong,” says Morgan Weaver. “We have continued to transition our clients back to the community throughout the past year and are determined to keep moving forward.”

Nursing Home Transitions focuses on removing transition barriers for individuals discharging from a nursing home, rehabilitation facility, or hospital. Program requirements include 20 consecutive days in the facility.  Additionally, the individual must be 55 years of age or older, have an income of $6,175.00 or less, be a U.S. citizen, and meet a level of need determined by the Options Counselors. Based on individual determination of needs, NHT can provide services to support the immediate health and welfare of discharged clients to mitigate readmission risks. Available transition services include financial assistance to obtain medical equipment (for example, grab bars and shower chairs), transportation, and basic home modifications.

The Community Transitions Program (formerly Money Follows the Person) focuses on removing transition barriers to ensure safety, health, and welfare of clients who want to live independently in the community. Program requirements for a recipient include: must be a resident at a long-term-care facility for a minimum of 60 days, receive a minimum of one day nursing home Medicaid, and qualify for Community Medicaid once discharged. Community Transitions utilizes a person-centered approach to identify client needs and barriers to plan safe discharges. The program can provide financial assistance with transition support services such as security deposits, household furniture, specialized medical supplies (for example, incontinence supplies), medical equipment, and home modifications. 

Three Rivers is concentrated in 23 nursing homes among 10 counties; they can help in four main categories: Transit, Workforce, Aging, and Planning.

Three Rivers Area Agency on Aging is staffed with professionals to promote independence and well-being for older persons and adults with disabilities in a ten-county region in west central Georgia. The Aging & Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) provides information and assistance along with screening and referral for services that offer community-based support. They can be reached at https://www.threeriversrc.com/aging.php#what and by telephone at 1(866) 854-5652. For more information on Transitions Programs contact: Emma Hemrick, Options Counselor, at (770) 254-4504 or Morgan Weaver, Transition Coordinator, at (678) 552-2846.

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