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Taking Pride in Protecting You

Meet Abigail Whorton, the chief operating officer of local, family-owned business The Whorton Agency. The company takes pride in providing reliable, quality service within the insurance realm and working to create a solid relationship with clients based on mutual respect and trust throughout Georgia and Alabama.

The Whorton Agency was founded by Bill Whorton, Abigail’s father, who was determined to build an insurance agency where clients were not limited by choices. “Better Service, Better Value, and Better Choice” was Bill Whorton’s motto, and ultimately, the business’ slogan. Abigail and her team continue to keep this promise in the way that the agency serves its clients while maintaining the legacy her father left behind.

Abigail explains, “At The Whorton Agency, we’re hyper-focused on client relationships. As an independent insurance agency, we represent many carriers offering all types of coverage, from auto and home insurance to life insurance, disability, worker’s comp and commercial insurance. Some of our partner companies include Auto-Owners Insurance, Safeco, Travelers, Mercury, Progressive, and more. We act on a client’s behalf to best fit them with a company, considering a host of factors such as proper coverage, and then place them with the right company and protection for what they need at the fairest price.”

Each client’s experience with the agency is carefully cultivated, and they are cared for from the first inquiry and over the course of that highly-prized relationship.

Abigail continues, “Our team takes pride in best protecting each individual client’s needs, and our expertise allows us the opportunity to truly ground a relationship in truth and trust from the beginning.” This starts immediately–before insurance is even purchased–and that relationship continues through every up and every down.

Consider the unexpected and the catastrophic, that’s when you need insurance. When a storm wreaks havoc on your roof or your garage catches fire in the night. When you lose a spouse or a parent, or when you’re in a car accident and watch the other driver being life-flighted from the scene. When your small business is broken into, and someone makes off with your merchandise. That’s the sort of thing that no one really wants to consider but must; and at The Whorton Agency, it’s their job to create protection on the front end and help you navigate the unexpected as it becomes reality.

“We’re here in the event of a claim to navigate uncharted waters for our clients,” Abigail affirms. “And when we’ve done our job correctly, that process, while often devastating, is seamless.”

Abigail concludes, “From start to finish, our team is here for you–to guide you on proper policy coverage, to best protect your family, and to lend a helping hand in times of crisis. We value the trust that you place in us and work hard to validate that trust time and again. That’s how life-long relationships are built. And that’s what we’re in the business of.”

To learn more about Carrollton’s Premier Independent Insurance Agency, The Whorton Agency, Inc please call 770-832-8998 or visit online at www.thewhortonagency.com

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