Horizon Law Firm, with a Holistic Approach, Now Open in Newnan

    Recently opened law firm Horizon Law Firm offers a non-traditional approach to legal services for local families with estate planning and small business needs in the Newnan area. Horizon Law Firm brings a holistic focus to estate planning for young families, empty nesters, and business owners.

    Joshua Ryden, an attorney and Newnan resident, will be running Horizon Law Firm. Ryden explains, “The goal at Horizon Law Firm is to provide holistic estate planning and business counsel that focuses on protecting the people, assets, and values of clients so that they can know they are prepared for whatever life brings.” While the firm will also offer traditional hourly legal services for business owners, it will be the first to offer subscription-based services in the city. “I think the way that many lawyers have traditionally billed their clients unintentionally discourages good communication. When you’re paying for someone’s time rather than an outcome, it influences whether you actually decide to pickup the phone. I want to change that, and have setup my operations so that I can be a trusted advisor for my clients in an ongoing way.”

    Ryden reveals the firm’s inspiration for opening Horizon Law Firm: “I’ve enjoyed helping clients put plans in place for their loved ones and assets, and also helped a number of small businesses tighten up their operations. After representing large financial institutions and banks for years with an Atlanta law firm, I realized I really wanted to work with families and small business owners. There’s no comparison to the satisfaction that comes from helping a couple get peace of mind about the plans in place for their family. It’s the same with small business owners; they put so much work into their businesses, and helping them avoid issues is a big motivator for the work I get to do.”

    Ryden elaborates, “I love our community. The warmth of our people and the can-do attitude are what really make me proud. I’ve lived the majority of my life here in Coweta, going back to elementary school. I’m glad I can raise my children here. I very much look forward to serving our community full time.”

    Contact Joshua Ryden at (678) 866-4058, or visit Horizon Law Firm online at

    www.horizonlawyer.com for more information. You can also email [email protected] for more information or check out LinkedIn: Horizon Law Firm and the Horizon Law Firm Facebook at www.facebook.com/HorizonLawFirm. The Law Firm’s office is located at 22 W Court Square, Suite C2, Newnan, Georgia, 30263.

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