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Glass Recycling Coming Back to Carroll County

Keep Carroll Beautiful (KCB), in cooperation with Carroll County Government  and Strategic Materials, Inc., is excited to announce that glass recycling is being reintroduced to  Carroll County Convenience Centers. Glass bins will be available in mid-October at two locations – Newnan Road and Dyer Road. The third bin will be placed at the Temple Convenience Center at a  later date, pending renovations to the site. The bins will collect mixed-color, food-grade glass items  – bottles and jars used as food packaging. No other types of glass will be accepted for recycling. 

Residents of Carroll County have access to 10 convenience centers, all of which accept regular household trash and select recyclables: cardboard, metals, and aluminum cans. Newnan Road and Dyer Road centers also accept plastics #1 and #2, most commonly used in drink bottles and milk  jugs. For more information on recycling items and location – visit kcbga.us

With the return of glass, Carroll County will be able to redirect tons of material from landfills, saving  money on transfers and fees. If county residents fill just one bin each month for a year – the County  can save up to $5,000 in landfill fees! 

Only 30% of 10 million tons of glass used every year in the US is being recycled. Glass used as food  packaging is 100% recyclable and is one of the easiest materials to reprocess as it can be endlessly  melted and used to produce new jars and bottles, with no loss in quality. It can also be used in fiber glass insulation and as a filler in various construction applications. 

Keep Carroll Beautiful is the certified Keep America Beautiful affiliate serving Carroll County, Georgia. Through education, litter programs, beautification efforts, and recycling events, our  organization is working towards the goal of a clean, green, safe, and beautiful community. Since 2005, Keep Carroll Beautiful and many local partners have diverted tons of hazardous materials from landfills and, if possible, sent those materials to certified recycling centers.