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Get your Feet Neat at Kix Carrollton

From Left: Kirby Caputa and his team – Photo by Bren Williamson

There is a new voice of fashion in this town: Kix Carrollton is bringing a new twist to shoe style this year. Located at 120 Cunningham Drive in the shopping center next to the University of West Georgia, Kix can be your number one retail spot for all the latest fashions and styles. Owner Kirby Caputa has figured out how to tap into the local shoe market; “I noticed the quality of (other) sneakers is not the quality Nike usually produces,” said Kirby. “Being around shoes for a while you can start to tell the difference between real sneakers and shoes made by replica manufacturers.”

Kirby is a 911 dispatcher, so he is always ready and alert for the latest emergencies as well as the hottest fashion trends. Kix tends to focus on ‘hype sneakers’ in his shop, as Kix always hosts the trendiest lines. “Much like a car or a house, the more demand there is in a shoe, the more the shoe is worth,” said Kirby.

Kix not only can provide excellent shoe sales, but they also offer exceptional shoe cleaning as well. “Anyone can bring their shoes in almost any condition. Kix Carrollton is proud of our ability to clean and restore most Jordan sneakers. Any shoe we get that is not brand new we can clean up and sell as a restored pre-owned sneaker.”

Check out Kix Carrollton during the Grand Opening on November 12 so you can find the latest updates on footwear or restoring your classic pair of shoes. Kix will kick out the competitions for quality, variety, and customer service. Kix can be found on socials @KixCarrollton for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Snapchat. They can also be located on facebook at Kix Carrollton GA. Get your newest Kicks at Kix!  

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