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Central High School Awarded Bright Ideas Grants

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Pictured left to right is Carroll EMC representatives Taylor Key, Jennifer Harmon, and Jeffrey Vance, Central High School Community-Based Instruction teachers Brandon Dailey, Aunie Murray, and Christine Hanson, and Carroll EMC representatives Nita Burns and Rolando Benitez.

Central High School was awarded five (5) Bright Ideas grants for use in teacher classrooms. Mr. Brandon Dailey applied for the grant to outfit a sensory room to help teach children with autism and other health challenges learn to regulate their bodies in a way that allows for them to achieve success in the classroom. The sensory room will provide a calming area as well as a place for students to work on fine and gross motor skills.

Ms. Aunie Murray’s grant application was titled, “Groovy Moves.” Her grant funds will be used to enhance student healthy eating habits, physical fitness, and overall health and wellness awareness. She plans to purchase exercise equipment for the classroom along with healthy foods.

Ms. Christine Hanson’s class takes a virtual trip each week. She incorporates spelling, vocabulary, language, money, and tasks that all revolve around the virtual trip destination. Her students research each location and prepare presentations relating to specific assignments, which may include recipes, crafts, and other activities. Grant funds will be used for food to complete recipes, skill boxes and supplies to complete the assignments associated with trips. The overall goal of community-based instruction is to create independent and effective members of society.

Pictured is Carroll EMC representatives Taylor Key, Jennifer Harmon, Jeffrey Vance, Central High School Math teacher Lyn Cole, and Carroll EMC representatives Nita Burns and Rolando Benitez.

Ms. Cole plans to purchase TI-84 Plus CE calculators with her grant funds. The calculators will enable students in advanced math courses such as Algebra 2, Precalculus, and Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus to learn graphing using colors. The colors help students grasp the functions and process quicker than without the colors.

Pictured left to right is Carroll EMC representatives Rolando Benitez and Taylor Key, Central High School English teacher Abigail Smith, Carroll EMC representatives Jeffrey Vance, Jennifer Harmon, and Nita Burns.

Abigail Smith’s grant application focused on making writing more exciting and engaging for students in her classes. She plans to purchase an iPad Pro and Apple pencil for transportable classroom collaboration and interaction. Her writing lessons will become more interactive and will give her and her students a broader use of the ClearTouch smart board with the help of the iPad Pro.

Carroll EMC awards grants to local teachers focusing on funding innovative and creative educational projects for students. Grants of $1,000 are presented to public school educators teaching grades pre-K through 12 for classroom-based projects in a variety of subjects. The Carroll EMC Foundation is funded by “round-up” change from members paying their monthly power bills.

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Linda has been a Carroll County Schools educator since 1995 and currently serves as Central High School’s Media Specialist. In addition, she is a certified fitness instructor with One Life Atlanta Fitness and teaches part-time with the University of West Georgia.