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Pita Pit Evidently Exits Adamson Square

From Facebook

An almost five-year run for Carrollton’s Pita Pit ended in a silent closure a few weeks ago. It wasn’t until this weekend we noticed the restaurant was closed. A few of our tipsters on our Canaries’ group made us aware about the closure.

Drawn by the University of West Georgia, Pita Pit was one of the few Carrollton restaurants to stay open very late, which helped with the late-night hunger. The owner was driven for success; we spoke with him numerous times over the years and are so appreciative of his investment in the local community, especially with The City Menus. We thank you.

At press time we were unable to get information about what led to the sudden closure. Several sources report that this is a temporary closure until January 29, others report permanently closed. All our emails and messages to Pita Pit on Facebook, email, and Twitter have not been answered. Phone lines are also disconnected. Keep watching The City Menus for more on this story.