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The Whorton Agency: Putting a Face to Your Local Insurance Agency

The Whorton Agency, Inc., Carrollton’s premier independent insurance agency, personalizes each experience with their clients. With a team of licensed Insurance Specialists in place, they provide more than home and auto coverage; they’re committed to best serving you and your insurance needs. 

“We’ve always done insurance a little differently at The Whorton Agency. It’s a difference that allows us to build strong relationships with our clients in a short amount of time,” says Galen Hobbs, III, Insurance Specialist.

“Relationships and Client Service are key,” Galen continues. “By focusing first on what is best for the client through coverage, service and price, I, for instance, have been able to grow where I am today, and that allows me to continue helping my people and now their people. That’s how we all work – clients first.”

Relationships are at the core of The Whorton Agency. By pairing quality insurance with genuine care for their clients, trust builds quickly and naturally. That bond invites clients to feel personally cared for – something else that is unique to this team, that feeling of family.

“We really are a family!” says Mindi Brackin, Client Relationship Specialist. “With our clients and their families and one another, we work hard to keep up with it all – birthdays, losses, celebrations, holidays and big milestones.”

When you call The Whorton Agency and speak with anyone there, they can help. Every team member is fully licensed and able to best serve you, from simple policy changes to major claims. “We don’t have some great divide at the agency where only one person handles claims and another handles service,” says Eric Tarpley, Insurance Specialist. 

“We work together because we want to make sure we do what is best for our clients, as well as the agency,” he emphasizes.

Insurance can be a complex thing, so The Whorton Agency works closely with each client, listening to them about what in their life needs quality protection, ensuring that they get the coverage they deserve. “It’s up to us to best protect our clients,” says Abigail Whorton, Chief Operating Officer and daughter of Founder, Bill Whorton. 

“We serve educators, doctors, students, business owners and more whose focus is elsewhere – as it should be,” Abigail continues. “It’s our job to step in and help properly insure what they’ve worked so hard for in their lives and at every stage of life.”

Quality people serving up a quality range of insurance products for their hometown and its inhabitants, that’s The Whorton Agency.

“Mr. Whorton knew what he was doing when he laid the groundwork for this team,” says Mindi. “Each one of us has different backgrounds, strengths and knowledge of insurance as an industry. Because of that we all bring unique ideas to the table, and those ideas always center around how can we do what we do – and do it better – for our clients and for each other.”

To learn more about Carrollton’s Premier Independent Insurance Agency, The Whorton Agency, Inc., please call 770-832-8998 or visit us online at thewhortonagency.com/insurance

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