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Construction Starting for Carrollton’s new Wendy’s and Dunkin’

Updated photo from Wendy’s construction project in Carrollton

OCT 10, 2023: We received notice that the cross has been taken down, we spoke with the Dunkin Franchisee who informs us that in Jan 2022 that Culpepper development asked if they would like the cross to stay which they said yes and had 100% nothing to do with the removal of the cross. The City Menus is unable to speculate or clarify who removed the cross. Newstalk1330 should have more details soon.

AUG 1, 2022: Work on Dunkin and Peachtree Immediate Care has been completed, once Wendy’s is finished the businesses should be ready to open.

JAN 20, 2022: Site work and clearing will soon wrap up for construction to begin on Dunkin, Wendy’s, and Peachtree Immediate Care. We reported back in June of this year that Carrollton City Council had given the green light with unanimous approval to rezone the property at 1131 Bankhead Highway for the 1.62 acre development. Many of our readers had concerns if the cross would stay-indeed the cross is staying per a report from Newstalk1330. Keep watching The City Menus for details on hiring and opening dates.