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Carrollton Cryotherapy Opens In Carrollton

Attention Carrollton athletes: Ice baths are a thing of the past, thanks to Carrollton Cryotherapy! Their next-level cryogenic cooling system will have you primed and ready for your next athletic event. Cryotherapy can help a multitude of patients in a multitude of ways.  From single moms to Olympic athletes, there is something for everybody at Carrollton Cryotherapy. 

“Cryotherapy is ‘cold therapy’ and uses nitrogen to blow really cold air out into the cryosauna while the client stands in there for three minutes,” said Teresa McKinney, RN, BSN. “It causes the blood to leave your extremities and move to your inner core as a way to protect your vital organs. In doing so, it increases the circulation and improves oxygenation to the tissues and cells in the body which enhances cell repair and removes inflammation from the body, McKinney continued.”

Cryotherapy is the key to next level modern healing. In addition to the cold treatment, the facility also offers infrared saunas, compression therapy, and red light therapy. “Every client has seen a difference after just one session and the more sessions they do, the better the results,” said McKinney. “So consistency is key, as in everything else in life. Just like when you go to the gym and work out, you cannot expect to work out one time and have amazing results that stay forever.”

Give Carrollton Cryo a try for your next level healing and wellness! They are located at 928 S Park Street, Unit H, in Carrollton. Click here for more information

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