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Carroll County Air Force JROTC Cadets complete Unit Evaluation with Flying Colors

AFJROTC Unit Evaluation Mass Formation

The Carroll County Schools Air Force JROTC Cadets completed their Unit Evaluation with precision and class. The AFJROTC unit earned an  overall “Exceeds Standards” rating, the highest possible rating.  

Utilizing a Mass Formation of cadets, Mr. Atkins, Regional Director for Area 5 conducted the  evaluation. Open Ranks Inspection was conducted and then Mr. Atkins addressed the cadets,  encouraging them to strive for excellence. During this time Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Landon Taylor and Cadet First Lieutenant Nathan Armstrong were awarded Top Performer certificates  

and ribbons. These awards are reserved for the top 2% of the Corps of Cadets who helped  prepare the Unit for the Unit Evaluation. Both Taylor and Armstrong are based at Central High School.  

Following the Top Performers Awards presentation, Cadet First Lieutenant Armstrong took  command of the Flight of first- and second-year cadets and led them through the required 30 Command Drill Sequence. Mr. Atkins commented that their performance was “near perfect” and that with a little more work, they could earn a trophy at an AFJROTC Drill Meet.  Lieutenant Colonel Washington commented, “We’re incredibly proud of this group of cadets  and appreciate all the expertise shared by our Carroll County Drill Coach, Master Sergeant  Steven Peters.” 

During his out-brief to the Cadet Leadership Team and key staff, Mr. Atkins congratulated The  Mighty 62 on achieving the highest rating possible. He encouraged cadets to continue meeting  the required criteria for an Annual Award. When the cadets meet the required criteria, it will  be his pleasure to nominate The Mighty 62 for the Distinguished Unit with Merit Award. He  also noted that he will recommend Lieutenant Colonel Washington and Master Sergeant Peters  for recognition as Outstanding Instructors for this school year. 

The Corps of Cadets top ranking cadet leaders by school are as follows: 

• Cadet Colonel Gabby Mobley, Corps Commander, Temple High School • Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Carri Green, Vice Corps Commander, Villa Rica High School • Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Raelind Jennings, Executive Officer, Central High School • Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Shannon Hudgins, Director of Operations, Mt. Zion High  School 

• Cadet Chief Master Sergeant Pierre Geagan, Command Chief, Central High School • Cadet Senior Master Sergeant Logan Elliott, First Sergeant, Villa Rica High School 

The mission of JROTC is to develop citizens of character who are dedicated to serving their  nation and community. Carroll County Schools JROTC Program objectives are to educate and  train high school cadets in citizenship, promote community service, instill responsibility,  character and self-discipline, and to provide instruction in air and space fundamentals. The  program is grounded in the Air Force core values of “Integrity First, Service Before Self and  Excellence in All We Do.” 

The Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) Headquarters at Maxwell Air  Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama. Maxwell oversees nearly 900 Units and approximately  125,000 cadets worldwide. Units are managed through regional directors, who will assist local  program instructors with day-in and day-out needs with equipment, uniforms, curriculum,  and program management. Once every 3-4 years the regional director will perform a formal  unit evaluation. During the unit evaluation the regional director visits the program site and  expects to see a cadet-led corps that is vibrant and in compliance with Air Force headquarter regulations.  Unit evaluations are based on literally hundreds of pages of regulations, policies, and reflect  key points taught through participating in the JROTC program. Carroll County Schools Air Force JROTC instructors are Lieutenant Colonel Mike Washington and Master Sergeant Steven Peters.  

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Linda has been a Carroll County Schools educator since 1995 and currently serves as Central High School’s Media Specialist. In addition, she is a certified fitness instructor with One Life Atlanta Fitness and teaches part-time with the University of West Georgia.