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New Role-Playing Game Book Launching Soon from Carrollton Resident Tabletop Game Designer Brian Colin

Brian Colin, a tabletop game designer and artist, is launching a new role-playing game book Crawling Death, Below the Dying Forest through the crowdfunding website Gamefound. Brian, a long-time fan of tabletop gaming, gaming conventions, and the genre of fantasy role-playing has a business, Creature Creation, and numerous projects dedicated to world-building and role-playing games (RPGs). 

Brian describes his inspiration for Creature Creation, “In 2016 I went to Gen Con–the largest tabletop gaming convention in the U. S.– as an exhibiting artist showcasing my fantasy creature sculptures. When I saw how many other people were excited about roleplaying games and board games I knew the beasts I had created needed to expand into a setting that other people could explore. As the number of conventions that I participated in grew, I expanded the items that I was making. I began designing enamel pins and iron-on patches, role-playing games, blind-box squeeze toys, dice, plush toys, and more. I wanted to create RPG-related items that my family and I would want to have in our house and at our gaming table. I officially made Creature Creation a business in 2017.”

Describing his new book, Brian reveals the story behind it, “There are lots of different games for sitting around with friends playing make-believe. My favorite in the fantasy genre is Mörk Borg. This rules-light death metal of an RPG has a license granting anyone to make products using their system. My new book is Crawling Death, Below the Dying Forest is an ever-shifting dungeon crawl to be used with that roleplaying game. The hardcover book contains 48 pages of lore, art, and story hooks to allow people to play over and over with different results. I had my kids help come up with some of the storylines and room contents while I was doing the initial writing and took suggestions from them as I created art for the book.”

Brian sincerely lets the community of Carrollton know, “If there is anyone who is trying to crowdfund a role-playing game or a board game, feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to share what I’ve learned from multiple crowdfunding campaigns with you.”

To support the launch of Crawling Death, Below the Dying Forest please visit the crowdfunding project at https://cant.rip/cd. Visit www.CreatureCuration.com to find more information about Brian Colin’s business. For all of Brian’s projects, please visit https://linktr.ee/briancolin. You can also find Creature Curation products at 4am Coffee Roasters Cafe & Bar https://4amcoffeeroasters.wordpress.com/